Payment and shipping

Payment and shipping

Delivery Policy All available products are delivered within 5 working days for Greece. 

Deliveries in Cyprus are made within 10 working days. 

Payment Methods 

You can choose one of the following payment methods: COD on receipt of products You pay the price of your order to its employee courier service and you will be charged an additional 2 € for cash on delivery costs. Valid only for shipments within Greece. 

Deposit to account You can, if you wish, pay for your order by deposit at any bank branch or via e-banking. The deposit can be made within 3 working days from the order. If the payment is not completed within this period, the order will be canceled. After the order, you must deposit the total amount of the order in the following accounts and send a deposit receipt. Your order will be completed after sending the receipt. 

EUROBAN ACCOUNT 0126.23.0200857753IBAN GR1202601260000230200857753 

ACCOUNT NUMBER PEIRAIOSIBAN: GR68 0172 5030 0055 0307 0070 111 

ACCOUNT NUMBER ETHNIKI 47840798848IBAN GR4201104780000047840798848

ARITHMOS ACCOUNT ALPHA BANK 510002310012110  GR2801405100510002310012110


Please deposit expenses not borne by IAMA business. In this case it is necessary to indicate your name and the number of your order in the reasoning, otherwise it will not be possible to send your order. If there are transaction costs, they are borne by the principal. 

Credit Card

 By choosing the method of payment by credit card you are transferred to the Bank's page and from there you complete your transaction. , American Express, Diners of all banks. It is noted that the shipping costs are 2 € up to 2 kg per shipment with ELTA COURIER and 2.50 € up to 2 kg per shipment with ACS COURIER. For orders over this weight, the shipping costs are determined by the pricing system of our respective transport company. 

Shipping Methods: Your order is sent via ELTA COURIER or Greek Post depending on the region. In the confirmation email of the completion of your order, the sending number is sent where you can search for your parcel at the following link:

Your order is sent via ACS Courier. In the confirmation email of 

After completing your order, the shipment number will be sent where you can search for your parcel at the following link:

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